Injection mold

We are the manufacturer and supplier of silica gel mattress, cold stamping mold and die casting mold in China, and we also have the business of CNC lathe processing.We have professional production technology and complete production mode, we hope to bring quality products and services to the world.Please trust us ~
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  • Injection mold processing is to add plastic into the mold, and then the mold along the two vertical axis constantly rotating and heating, the plastic mold in the action of gravity and heat, gradually uniform coating, melting adhesion on the cavity of the entire surface, forming the required shape, for cooling and shaping the system.

Mae Injection mold y cwmni o ansawdd uchel, enw da, a gwasanaeth meddylgar, ac wedi ennill canmoliaeth unfrydol gan gwsmeriaid gartref a thramor. Gyda phris rhad, fe gewch chi wasanaeth da Injection mold a rhagorol. Gyda "brand rhagorol yn castio brand rhagorol" fel nod y busnes, gweithredwch safonau system ardystio ansawdd ISO9001, 9002 yn llym ~