Gwybodaeth am y diwydiant

At what age can a child start using a pillow?

"How old is a child to start using pillows?"The topic has been a hot topic in the parenting world.Our family nearly started a civil war over this issue yesterday, when I argued strongly against my mother's insistence that the baby should be in bed by the age of three months and lashed out at her misguided view of parenting.Of course, the last or my mother to a "You are not I brought up so?Won a landslide victory.I am not willing to lose, so I must seriously explain to you the correct point of view.
There are three anecdotal accounts of this problem.One, just born can pad small towel, give an excessive;Secondly, the child can use it after 3 months;Third, children can be used at the age of 6 months.
None of the above is true. The only criterion is that the child can sit alone.When the child can use the pillow, can't see 3 months, 6 months what, it's not pay wages, you have to pinch a little bit, but to see the child's development.If a child doesn't need a parent to help him or her sit still, he or she can try using a pillow.It's not a good idea to give a child a pillow too early.Because an adult's neck has a curved shape called a "neck bend," the pillow fills that space, making it easier to sleep and breathe.But for babies, their cervical curvature has not yet formed, the cervical spine is almost straight, there is no such a space, you force a pillow, it is easy to compress the respiratory tract.

Forced pillow, the most suffocating ah.The child's will is the first priority in this world, except for giving money without the consent of the other side, other things have to consider the feelings of the other side, the child with a pillow is the same reason.You can look for signs that your child needs a pillow, such as pillows, dolls, towels, clothes, or pillows on an adult's arms or legs.

The right height is important for children.For children under 3 years of age, it is more appropriate to put the pillow on the child, the height of the pillow is about 1cm.This is just a general standard, according to the softness and resilience of the pillow, we can use a more intuitive way to judge the height of the pillow is appropriate.